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JULIAN by Antonio Da Silva

JULIAN is an experimental biographical piece about two men – Julian and Antonio – who disconnected themselves from the anxious city, and allowed their spirits to be taken by nature. It is a slightly voyeuristic love letter about and to Julian – the Swiss man whom the narrator has briefly met in London and, shortly after, invited to a road-trip in Portugal.

(Subtitles available in English, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese. Click on “CC” button on the video)

A film by Antonio Da Silva

With: Julian and Julio

Camera, Editing, Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva
Writers: Antonio da Silva and Julian
Co-Writers: Timothy Smith, João Laia and Rodrigo Penalosa
Narration: Rodrigo Penalosa
Sound fx: Antonio Da Silva, David Barbenel and Roberto Crippa
Music: Ebe Oke
Year: 2012
Length: 10:00

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  1. encontrei o teu trabalho enquanto estava a navegar em sites porno e esbarrei no “beach 19″- gostei bastante. Gostei da fotografia, da edição, da música, dos temas e da arte que está nos teus documentários. Não é pornografia de todo, mas há toda uma atmosfera sexual que pode ser encontrada em cada um, e, se não sexual, há, pelo menos uma nuance sensual. Por exemplo, no documentário “Julien ” que vi por ultimo, está, vejamos se encontro as palavras que fazem justiça: cinematográfico, cru, tem toda uma atmosfera selvagem “wild nature” bem intimista que nos leva a uma odisseia sobre o Julien. Adorei :) poderia ser todo um BBC vida selvagem sobre um rapaz. Está muito genuíno, gostei muito da tua arte. Continua o teu trabalho :)


  2. Excellent excellent excellent, just excellent. I’m in love.


  3. I truly feel the desire and passion from this film! You can tell your feelings about this guy just by the way the narrator talks about him. I need to know though…what song is playing at the end of this film!


    1. thank you Chris for your comment! the song is “I Ask” from Ebe Oke:


  4. I loved this film. I want to see more of your work. This was so touching and beautiful. A perfect remembrance of a wonderful summer with a handsome man. I hope the romance continues. Please share more.


  5. This film is truly beautiful! It touched my heart and kept it racing.


  6. alain moirandat October 5, 2014 at 12:56 pm

    this is a simple note to thank you for putting your movies on the net. I have watched several – and repetitiously – I like them very much


  7. This is amazing. Your work is so authetic and poetic. I can feel everything within the images and your voice. I’ll be watching all your over and over again for the next days.


  8. On 2014-06-18 Henry said

    Wow! I really enjoyed your work… I just stumbled across you and your work for the first time and I am very glad I did… very well done! Looking forward to future works.


  9. On 2014-06-08 Qiydaar Foster said

    fuck, this is beautiful and brilliant. I want to have summer loves like this.


  10. On 2014-04-28 Jeff said

    I cannot express in words how much I truly appreciate your films. I believe the subjects you have explored are very important, as is the way you have framed them. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I feel as though your work shows a brutally honest representation of gay male sexuality – one that is still very much hidden and closeted. I think your work is important, bold and courageous and I continue to follow your career with enthusiasm.


  11. On 2014-02-15 M. said:
    This project is amazing, I’m loving this. Is so good that someone is showing to us the amazing thing that is a man’s body !


  12. On 2014-02-16 daddypaul said:
    Thanks for showing Julian
    it shows a truly beautiful retrospect of a beautiful look at a very handsome lad . The nude shot were brilliantly taken with beautifully photograph Thank you Antonio Big Hug


  13. On 2014-02-10 Michael Mejia said:
    Thank you for such a lovely, touching and beautiful film. There is so much depth in this. Thank you


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