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CRUISING AT BEACH 19 by Antonio Da Silva

It is cruising season at BEACH 19 near Lisbon.
BEACH 19 / PRAIA 19 is the most popular gay nudist beach in Portugal, part of a Nature Reserve near Lisbon with a extensive cruising section.
There’s nothing like the rush you get from cruising!

Tension! Fervor! Satisfaction of outdoor sex! The tension rises slowly and seductively, the warm wind blows and the heat of summer burns, the action builds into a full-on group masturbation, sucking and fucking session. In this film, the visuals speak for themselves.

It is officially a nude beach, but you can opt between being naked or keeping your swim-suit on.
It is the perfect spot for sun-bathing, swimming, cruising, making new friends and watching the the sunset. In summer time, it is packed with guys from all over Europe and beyond. Half of them are fully naked, sun tanned. You can find younger, older, bears, muscled, well… a lot men for everyone’s taste. Most of the cruising takes place in the late afternoon, mainly in the dunes and the vast bushy area behind the railway track. There is some cruising when it gets dark, usually bisexual locals looking for extra-marital fun.

If you go there, have safe fun and please help to keep the beach and the natural reserve clean. Avoid leaving any trash behind and don’t smoke in the wooden areas due to fire hazard.

Spring is also a beautiful time to go for a walk/cruising among the yellow mimosa trees as the days start to warm up…

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Watch CRUISING AT BEACH 19 EXTRAS for 75 minutes of additional footage.

As in the previews film BEACH 19 (2014), this film also portraits the ritual of many men in this beach of going from the sea to the bushes and the returning to the sea.

A film by Antonio Da Silva

With: Alexandre, Andre, Anonymous Collaborators, Bruno Morais, Charles, Christopher, Colby, Daniel, Daniel Sanches, David, Francesco, Giacomo, Iva, Julian, Lino, Luca, Manuel, Mario, Miguel, Mark, Michael, Nicholas, Pedro, Raffaele Savignoni, Ruby and Vincent Dupré
Camera: Antonio Da Silva, Daniel Sanches and Nuno Pinto
Editing and Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva
Year: 2018
Length: 17:20

The participants that had unprotected sex in this film were taking PrEP

GAT Checkpoint LX
is a community-based center for men who have sex with men (MSM) for rapid, anonymous, confidential, and free testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), sexual counselling, and referral to health care.
CONTACT: +351 910693158

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  1. Consegui lá ir pela primeira vez. Gostei bastante da praia. Realmente reparei que praticamente todos os que lá estavam queriam divertir-se. Encontrei dois paus enormes na mata e ficaram vários a ver enquanto eu mamava. Deu me muita tesão.

    Obrigado pelas dicas e pelo filme 😉


  2. Love your Cruising at the Beach films, always make me shoot a huge load. Very hot!


  3. Loved it, reflects so well the summer vibe, sea sex and sun


  4. Beautifully shot. I’ve done most of what is in this film, I’m a exhibitionist and love being watched at the beach.


  5. A lot of hot ,sexy men and so many beautiful uncut cocks.
    I need to visit!!


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