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EREMITA de Antonio Da Silva

EREMITA é um monólogo poético, filmado na Serra do Caldeirão, no Algarve, sobre um músico italiano radicado em Berlim que decidiu desligar-se da vida da cidade para se isolar e explorar a sua afinidade com a natureza. Ele torna-se um pastor, agricultor, jardineiro, alquimista e fertilizador, e demostra o efeito que a natureza tem sobre ele.

Um filme de Antonio Da Silva

Com: Sultan of Filth
Camara: Antonio Da Silva
Editing e Design de Som: Antonio Da Silva
Musica: E.A.P. Music Productions, Marçal dos Campos
and R Talin
Voz-off: R Talin
Texto: excerpts from the lyric “Another World” by Antony and
the Johnsons, Antonio Da Silva and R Talin
Ano: 2020
Duração: 13:30

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  1. The film is brillant, the direction, the edit, the story, pure, organic… We feel the good vibes and it reconnected me with the earth. And what a good idea for the choice of this text.

    A pure moment of joy. Thanks for your work 😉


  2. Vi o vídeo ontem. Tem bem a tua marca, incluindo o lado de comunhão da natureza que é comum a alguns dos teus outros filmes. Para mim o filme é como que um manifesto ecologista.
    Continuação de um bom trabalho!


  3. Hi Antonio. I miss all your films. I remember going to all the gay film fest in Europe just to follow your work and finally came upon you in London and asked if I could help and work with you briefly. The Asian guy. It was an amazing moment in my life there. I hope you’re well and still inspired despite our tumultuous times.


  4. This is yet another of your stupendous productions. So primal and so natural. I could almost smell his manliness, his piss and his cum.


  5. Keep the piss coming in future films.


  6. I am anxious to watch your work – fascinating as it is always, but I expect especially this time as the man you have celebrated appears to be such an inspiring person.


  7. Your films always leave me excited. Even when I might not be able to orgasm! And I wish I could!


  8. just watched Eremita.
    I love the shamanistic vibe (I know you started that already with the amazing Cruising Poetry and Ecosexual films)
    there’s something very visceral and animal about flesh/hair/piss/cum that I find very horny these days. Less polished but more real. And less gay (not that I don’t like ‘gay’ but this is less to do with gay sexuality and more to do with humans as animals I think)
    It’s GREAT!


  9. It was erotic, which I like


  10. Another great video. Love that you added pissing.


  11. I can’t wait to watch it!

    I just can’t tell you how much your films resonate with me and how I feel about beauty and eroticism. You capture what I feel in my soul.


    1. Se ve maravilloso como se conjugan las imagenes y el sonido creando magia


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What did you think about this film? Leave a comment.

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