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This is all Antonio’s work form 2011 to 2014. With the 50$ access you get:

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  • MATES EXTRAS, including 19 min of extra footage from the film MATES

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  • SOLOS EXTRAS, including 50 min of extra footage from the film SOLOS
  • BEACH 19 EXTRAS, including 15 min of extra footage from the film BEACH 19
  • CARIOCAS EXTRAS, including 6 min of extra footage from the film CARIOCAS
  • GINGERS EXTRAS, including 40 min of extra footage from the film GINGERS
  • DANCERS EXTRAS, including 20 min of extra footage from the film DANCERS

MATES / 2011
Time: 4:50

Having anonymous gay sex with someone you met online is very common to today’s gay behaviour. This kaleidoscopic short takes a graphic, unsimulated look at several seriously sexy hookups — cross-cutting between scenes of hot, hung men in action.

JULIAN / 2012
Time: 10:00

Two men who disconnected themselves from the anxious city allowed their spirits to be taken by nature. This is a slightly voyeuristic love letter about and to Julian – the Swiss man whom after meeting in London was invited to a road-trip in Portugal.

BANKERS / 2012
Time: 12:00

This film portrays sexual interactions between bankers in a public restroom during their lunch break. No words, just signs, few body noises, it is a choreography around the urinal.

Time: 40:00

This is an additional 40 minutes of previously unseen footage in 10 parts. More BANKERS, more toilets, more raw action.

GINGERS / 2013
Time: 13:00

Redheads, fire crotches, lobster cocks… This film collects samples of their testimonials and their body hair, skin and sperm. It is about being different genetically, about gay gingers, doubly in a minority, from Ireland to Israel to Brazil.

DADDIES / 2014
Time: 16:28

Shot in Summer 2013 in San Francisco the capital of gay people, ten gay men over forties were filmed on Super 8 getting undressed. They talk about their Daddy identity, gay relationships, polyamory, their cock and appetite for sex.

PIX / 2014
Time: 3:20

PIX is a series of flickering images (faceless-selfies) of 2500 gay men building a three minutes animation portraying what is happening in the “marketplace of desire”. Thousands of male bodies in typical male poses are put together creating the mosaic of one body.

DANCERS / 2014
Time: 10:17

Thirty-five Portuguese dancers undress in front of the camera. They become the object of desire with a sensual provocative performance. These artists showcase the potential of creative Portuguese performance arts. After all, the penis also can dance!

Time: 10:00

An outdoors gym in the Arpoador area unveiled to me the diversity of men in Brazil. Just behind the gym there is a gay cruising park. The gym crowd training during the day is very different from the ones training at night. The film is a portrait of this shift.

Time: 9:33

During my visit in Tel Aviv I was hosted by two young guys who practiced nudism in their own house. It was intriguing their non-tabooed dynamic as well as of the people on the nude beach they brought me to. I also experienced the unforgettable Dead Sea, an experience that transported me to another stimulating dimension.

BEACH 19 / 2014
Time: 13:10

Just twenty minutes outside Lisbon is a widely known beach for its gay cruising action. Facing the Atlantic Ocean BEACH 19 is a paradise for nudists. For many gay tourists seeking relaxation this is the ultimate place for sea, sun and sex.

Time: 11:26

This is a surrealistic, visual collage creating a fantasy sexual world. It transports us back to stories about Greek homoerotic orgies. The camera follows them on the rocks but also dives into the sea capturing their playfulness surrounded by the magic of the Mediterranean waters.

SOLOS / 2014
Time: 13:00

SOLOS portraits a diversity of characters expressing themselves sexually. They speak about their fetishes, connectivity and fantasies.

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  1. I’m a big fan of your films! …and erotic art in general. The tone of your movies is really authentic, sometimes crude and still very exciting!


  2. Gosto de todos os teus filmes. Fantásticos. O prazer de fazer arte no erotismo e sexo. Adorava experimentar. Abraço


  3. Carlos Eduardo Oliver! Saturday April 22nd, 2017 at 02:13 AM

    Quero fazer um filme ! Sempre quiz fazer um assim ! Moro em Portugal – cascais ! Caso queiram por favor entrem em contacto comigo !
    Facebook :Carlos Eduardo Oliver! .
    Boa noite !


  4. Thank you so much! I’ve been a big supporter of your films. They’re artsy & very sexual in a different kind of way. Keep doing what you do!


  5. Grin, just seeing your name on an email is enough to cause a rise in my briefs, knowing, something good and hot is coming my way.
    I am looking forward see more about the future projects, x


  6. Me encantan estos videos, me ponen bellaco, me gustaría ir a un lugar así para disfrutar del sexo al aire libre sin que nadie diga nada, wao me encanto


  7. What I like most about Antonio s work of art is that it challenges frontiers between nude, eroticism and “pornography”! it really pushes the envelope! And also it sort of “sparks debate” about male to male sexuality! It is fantastic!


  8. Live it did make me so horny … wanking time lolol


  9. I feel the sex and smell it in your videos, são muito bons… parabens *0000* Queria estar em um deles …


  10. Love every minute of it. Very interesting short films, and would love to see more, and what you have coming. Now on my way to see part II.


  11. Amazing work. Very authentic. Erotic but with the real artistic value and not mechanical or gratuitous. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to see more of it.


  12. I liked to take me with you


  13. I just felt in loves with your way to catch love and sex


  14. What you are doing is mind-boggling and so exciting to me!


  15. […] more of Antonio Da Silva’s films check out and to read our interview with the filmmaker click […]


  16. Wonderful films, extremely beautiful real men. 100% erotic and sexually charged.
    You are a very talented film maker.


  17. so awsome.
    u really got the gift.
    wanna see you as a one of film maker.


  18. Thank you, Antonio, for your creative artistry in the homoerotic genre with which I identify.


  19. I look forward to seeing what you will bring forth in 2016. I wish you so much success and courage. I believe you are an important artist whose work combines more than one genre. This is a risky trick which many attempt but few succeed at, and certainly not with your consistency. Thank you so much.


  20. You’re making sure my Sundays are fully occupied these days (I’m still obsessed with Dancers Extras naturally… 😉 )


  21. Bankers. Bankers extras. I have been facinated with men in suited authority all my life. Being one for half my working career, men who have your life in their hands. The men of these films are men. They act like men. They look like men. The photography of the film is smart, interesting and most of all, interesting. Porn, not being or seeming like porn. You almost are able to show this film to men and show how to act like professionals. Almost.
    Being out of work because of health, I cannot spend the money to get the subscription this year,, but as soon as I can, you will most definately get my check. My comment? Engrossing. If anyone can, get you own pass and sit back and enjoy the show.


  22. wow i like your films… i need see more!! Please!!


  23. just a note to thank you that you posted extra footage to some of your films. I watched some of it. I find it interesting; the men get individualised through it. And some or so spectacularly beautiful. A great pleasure!


  24. I sow Spunk yesterday with three of my favorite bate mates. It was our first viewing of any of your films. I was so impressed by the creativity, the depth of insight and the playfulness of the entire work. This work seems to be more about message and artistic vision than porn, which is amazing since it is so intensely erotic.

    After viewing, the four of us spent another hour having fantastic sex and four beautiful orgasms in rapid sequence. Only then did we collectively discuss the film and the consensus was that we all liked it, but it is so far from what we think of as porn, we were not prepared.

    I’m very impressed and eager to begin my all-access pass to the rest of your work. Thank you for taking the erotic to new and original forms. It’s powerful and very much yours.


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