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CRUISING IN THE PARK EXTRAS by Antonio Da Silva e Fabio Lopes

I am pleased to release 45 minutes of EXTRA footage from the film CRUISING IN THE PARK.
CRUISING IN THE PARK EXTRAS is a provocative collection of 12 additional videos of unseen, roughly edited footage of men haunting in parks with hard erections, mutual masturbation, sucking and fucking.

The original film CRUISING IN THE PARK can be watched here.

A film by Antonio Da Silva and Fabio Lopes

With: Anonymous Participants, Bruno, Charles, David, Francesco, Giacomo, Mark, Michael, Nicholas, Raffaele Savignoni, Thomas, Turtledovexxx and Vincent Dupré
Editing: Antonio Da Silva
Camera: Antonio Da Silva, Fabio Lopes and Oliver Sarley
Music: Rodrigo Vaiapraia
Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva and Rodrigo Vaiapraia
Year: 2018
Length: 45:00

The participants that had unprotected sex in this film were taking PrEP

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  1. Ainda hoje mamei uns quantos no estadio nacional, excelente filme/triller como de costume.


  2. I loved the film. Great as always It would be great if they would be available at the porn movie theaters of Lisbon. That is something i would gladly pay to go see.

    An adventure at the movie theater would be a great idea to explore if you are ever interested! I would love to take part in the filming as well.



  3. La traducción al español tiene algún error: no debe emplearse el verbo “enganchar” o mucho menos ” cazar” para referirse al acto de que dos hombres conecten para una relación momentánea o no, sexual o romántica. El verbo a emplear es LIGAR.


  4. These films are spectacular. Thank you so much! As a future project, I’d love to see a film showing gay cruising in adult video booths. The high testosterone of mostly married straight men getting sucked off or fucked through gloryholes. This would be an interesting study and make for a great film.


  5. Mto fixe! Incrível!!
    Posso pedir vos algumas dicas aqui por Portugal para curtir cruising?
    O antigo jamor era mto fixe mas já não há.. não conheço mais nada!
    Obrigado e continuem a trabalhar em filmes 🙂


    1. Ola, por acidente encontrei um QR code colado na porta de um wc. Ele envia-te para um site com todos os lugares de cruising com explicações, mapas e até um chat. Não sei se é permitido divulgar sites aqui, podes pesquisar por “lisboa cruising” e deve aparecer…
      Boas aventuras e protege-te!


      1. agora é lisboa-cruising


  6. Those films are great and hit the spot. Love seeing the “straight” men cumming. happy jacking!


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