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PHALLUS FLOWERS by Antonio Da Silva

The PHALLUS FLOWERS film is set in a lush garden where phallic flowers erected towards the sunlight bloom among the green leaves. Naked gardeners pollinate the phallic forms that perfume the garden. Semen becomes pollen.

This film draws inspiration from the iconic photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and his exploration of the beauty and sensuality found in both cocks and flowers.

PHALLUS FLOWERS by Antonio Da Silva
With: Adam, Jack Long, Jacob, Lucas Moreno, Magnus, Naked Yogui, Pablo, Paulo and Rui
Camera: Antonio Da Silva and Magnus
Music: Santiago Latorre – Ecliptica – 01 E1, Santiago Latorre – Ecliptica – 07 E7, Tundra Fault – Equilibrant – 01
Editing and Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva
Support: Casa Risa Resort, Afonso Alvarez & Ron Meade
Thanks to: Lua Nua – Gay Boutique Hotel and Christophe Machado
Year: 2024
Length: 9 mnts

FESTIVALS: The film will have the world premier at Tom of Finland foundation 40th anniversary festival at Berghain 31 May – 2 June. Berlin, Germany.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your art!


  2. I really love when the sexy grotesque and sublime line is blurred


  3. I’m just going to say what I’m thinking. After years of watching Antonio Da Silva’s films, he find the most beautiful penis’ in the world to partake in his projects. Incredible!


  4. 😍 Um verdadeiro Art House Film


  5. wild and fantastic


  6. Wow , just the Intensity of the hand movements draws you into the film – getting your breath in rhythm with the stroking – then your cock is pulsating in no time at all !! I’ve wanked for years but this is another level ! Another Great film from Antonio ! Had me cumming with an explosive cumshot which I lapped up mmmmmm – if this doesn’t get you hard and wanting to cum then go and watch BOD ! Aunt Flo would be your choice ! Anyway I am definitely going to wank more outside This year ! Thankyou Antonio XXX


  7. It made me cumm too quickly !


  8. A beautiful film. Every second is oozing with sexual tension. The relationship between man and nature. 🤤🤠😍


  9. This is a very erotic, provocative, and avant-garde film! The juxtaposition of well-hung, sexy men tending to the phallic flower forms is ingenious. I love the relationship between humans and nature in this film, and the fluidity of gender and sexuality. Congratulations!


  10. Great, very artistically erotic!


  11. It’s absolutely beautiful! Flowers haven’t looked this sexual since Mapplethorpe! I love the way the penises – soft or pissing to start with, getting harder, cumming at the end – are abstracted into part of the floral landscape almost as if they don’t belong to a nude man at all. The hands caressing the plants are also very erotic. If gardening were always this sexy, I’d be never out of it. Now going to wank on a tulip 😉


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