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SOLOS by Antonio Da Silva

This is a 13 min film including 50 min of extra footage.

SOLOS portrays a diversity of characters expressing themselves sexually. They speak about their fetishes, connection and fantasies. Underwear, leather, rubber, jeans, socks, boots, big penises, tattoos, hairy, extended ejaculations, ropes, childhood memories and more. Some take this opportunity to express their exhibitionism on camera going all the way from unzipping to cumming.

A film by Antonio Da Silva

With: Andrew, Ce, David, Ed, Ido, Jorge, Rafael, Raoni, Rowland, Rubi, Scott, Simon.

Camera, Editing e Design de Som: Antonio Da Silva
Year: 2014
Length: 13:00
Extras length: 27:00

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  1. The films that I enjoy the most are those where the participants reveal something of themselves verbally so that they become real people who the person watching the film can relate to.
    Keep up your good work!


  2. extremely erotic
    so good to see these men free and spontaneous about their fantaisies.
    love to see these erect penises and the men showing of in front of the camera, that’s high level
    i personaly like rowland and tend to identify to him …
    great movies and great extras


  3. Great film.


  4. Gorgeous participants ❤


  5. As always, Antonio’s movies are stellar. They mix natural, real men with erotic filming and it’s such a turn on. I previewed “Solos” today (available at the link below) and it featured several men discussing their fantasies and ending with solo masturbations. They first man is a beautiful hairy stud with reddish body hair. As he removes underwear and show us several of his pairs, it’s so hot to see his beautiful penis pop in and out of each pair. He has a beautiful full bush too. The next man is also hairy with a 70’s state and a beautiful long penis. If I had one like his, I’d have it out all day jacking myself. The third guy is a lean, slim, less hairy younger dude. The fourth man is a tattooed older dude with a beard and sexy uncut penis. The fifth guy is a ginger-ish bearded stud with a leather fetish. It’s so sexy as he rubs his penis through his tight jeans and discusses men hunting each other. The next stud is hairy and bearded with a beautiful uncut penis. and pierced nipples. In the next scene, one of my favorite guys in the movie, shows us his beautiful furry bottom and flexes his legs to show off a beautiful hairy pattern on the back of his legs. At this point in the movie, my penis is precumming with excitement. Antonio knows how to focus on the right places to build excitement. He turns around to show us his front side and he reveals a thick, huge, uncut penis that’s already almost erect. There are some shots where he lifts his butt to reveal a naturally hairy taint and heavy penis. As he rocks side to side, his penis becomes fully erect. Antonio now brings us back to one of the redheads, the one rubbing his penis through his jeans. This time, his jeans are unzipped to reveal a perfect ginger crotch and thick uncut erect penis. Just like that we jump back to the first hairy stud who now has a completely erect penis and we get to admire his full ginger bush, hairy balls, and can see a glimpse of his hairy taint. Another cut back to the stud whose hairy legs I’m rolling over. We now get a closer look at his completely erect huge penis. I checked, I’m uncontrollably drooling precum at this point! Cut back to the prior ginger stud. A closer shot now as he lubes his penis. The sound of a man stroking his own penis is such a turn on. I’m throbbing with anticipation. Now as we learn more about the guys, they each begin to masturbate. One of the shots I rally like comes at this point, the guy whose hairy legs I love opens his underwear as he reveals his hairy crack and jacks his beautiful meat. We learn one of the studs loves tantric masturbation and Antonio cuts to a very hairy bearded grizzly stud who shows us as he rubs his uncut penis on a bed and shows us his head and veiny foreskin as he gets more and more excited. He turns around as he per strokes and reveals an amazing treasure trail. Now each stud shows us as they blast off. More and more sounds of the new as they rub lube across their erect penises before squirting everywhere. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!


  6. SOLOS film made my cock so damn hard, It’s the beauty the simplicity and loads of hung hard dicks


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