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THOMAS OUTSIDE by Antonio Da Silva and Grundvold

THOMAS OUTSIDE is a erotic metaphor of the naked body in communication with nature.

In this film the Danish video artist and photographer Thomas / Grundvold uses his mobile phone and a photo camera to make videos that look like old paintings, presenting us his body like it was a piece of clay to mould sculptures from.

“Making self portraits has definitely helped my self esteem and helped me love my own body. When I am making nudes of myself I sometimes get sexually aroused, which for years has confused and has made me feel somewhat ashamed, but lately I’ve learned to embrace it. ” Grundvold


A film by Antonio Da Silva and Grundvold

With: Grundvold
Camera: Grundvold
Editing and Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva
Year: 2021
Length: 09:00

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  1. Este filme tem imensas imagens belíssimas (texturas – incluindo a angelical pele do Thomas, parece um pouco saída de um quadro da renascença! – e também alguns dos enquadramentos cénicos.
    Um grande abraço,


  2. Hello Antonio,
    Awesome film. Handsome man. Very erotic and sexy. I love your work. Do you cast any men from the USA. Love to have a small part in one of your films.


  3. Hello Antonio!

    You are making my dreams REAL.

    You shared this art piece on my birthday! WOW



  4. I am so glad that you started to use certain twitter accounts to find unique candidates for your films.

    and I would recommend you another twitter account @klychmore

    I hope you could be satisfied working with him, too.


  5. beautiful man in a beauterotic film.
    loved it


  6. Hi, not your usual quality, but briefly interesting. The shoes disturb the picture.


  7. Nice as usual more divers modèles coule be cool


  8. A beautiful and erotic film…the expression of the functionality/sexuality of the male piss was fantastic – and the ejaculation in nature shows what a bonding experience it can be. A great piece of art…


  9. You make some of the most wonderfully artistic erotic videos. Thanks so much for your work!

    Hunter O’Hanian


  10. Love your work !


  11. You DID NOT make me cum. Watching a model grope himself dies nothing for me.

    The previous dance video a while back was super erotic. Several young slender buff talented dancers loosing their clothes in a skillfully choreographed dance was extremely entertaining


  12. Una metáfora sublime de la comunión con la naturaleza. Una mezcla perfecta de misticismo y erotismo


  13. Los escenarios están HERMOSOS, los planos en donde Thomas se queda inmovil y el decorado de los paisages es sublime. Para mí, este film representa la liberd de lo erótico después del encierro. Está Top! Gracias


  14. Olá António, muito bonito, erótico, sexy! Obrigado a thomas.


  15. excelent, beatiful boy , i like nake in the forrest wow


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