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CUBANOS EXTRAS by Antonio Da Silva

I am pleased to release 1 hour of unseen roughly edited footage from the film CUBANOS .


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  1. Its amazing art work, congratulations, respect and thank you!!!! 🙂


  2. This was so hot…especially watching bare sex


  3. Your films are brilliant! While some of them challenge my personal taboos, the artistry is beyond reproach. The sensuality and the sexuality is always intense. Cubanos was amazing! And with the extra footage, I felt that I had won the lottery.


  4. Antonio you are brilliant this work is sensual and artistic . handsome men with great bodies


  5. Like all your work… Stunning. Beautiful men, hot encounters- incredible orgasms- all tastefully filmed without loosing an ounce and f eroticism.


  6. As a bisexual I just love your work!
    If you excuses me, gonna enjoy myself a bit
    Keep up creating lovely work!
    Nude greetings


  7. Fuckin amazing. Cuban uncut dark skinned cock is a huge turn on.


  8. Great cock would be even better if it were more passionate and wild.


  9. Stunningly beautiful, perfect filming and sexy as hell. Thank you. Jon


  10. I would probably love it if I could see the tops’ faces.


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