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EREMITA by Antonio Da Silva

EREMITA is a poetic monologue set in the Serra do Caldeirao in Algarve, about an Italian musician based in Berlin that decided to disconnect from the city life to isolate himself and explore his affinity with nature.
He is healing himself from his city and party life. He becomes a Shepard, Farmer, Gardener, Alchemist and Fertilizer… he shows the effect nature has on him.

A film by Antonio Da Silva

With: Sultan of Filth
Camera: Antonio Da Silva
Editing and Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva
Music: E.A.P. Music Productions, Marçal dos Campos
and R Talin
Voice Over: R Talin
Text: excerpts from the lyric “Another World” by Antony and
the Johnsons, Antonio Da Silva and R Talin
Year: 2020
Length: 13:30

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  1. Gosto muito dos teus poemas visuais


  2. The film is brillant, the direction, the edit, the story, pure, organic… We feel the good vibes and it reconnected me with the earth. And what a good idea for the choice of this text.

    A pure moment of joy. Thanks for your work 😉


  3. Vi o vídeo ontem. Tem bem a tua marca, incluindo o lado de comunhão da natureza que é comum a alguns dos teus outros filmes. Para mim o filme é como que um manifesto ecologista.
    Continuação de um bom trabalho!


  4. Hi Antonio. I miss all your films. I remember going to all the gay film fest in Europe just to follow your work and finally came upon you in London and asked if I could help and work with you briefly. The Asian guy. It was an amazing moment in my life there. I hope you’re well and still inspired despite our tumultuous times.


  5. This is yet another of your stupendous productions. So primal and so natural. I could almost smell his manliness, his piss and his cum.


  6. Keep the piss coming in future films.


  7. I am anxious to watch your work – fascinating as it is always, but I expect especially this time as the man you have celebrated appears to be such an inspiring person.


  8. Your films always leave me excited. Even when I might not be able to orgasm! And I wish I could!


  9. just watched Eremita.
    I love the shamanistic vibe (I know you started that already with the amazing Cruising Poetry and Ecosexual films)
    there’s something very visceral and animal about flesh/hair/piss/cum that I find very horny these days. Less polished but more real. And less gay (not that I don’t like ‘gay’ but this is less to do with gay sexuality and more to do with humans as animals I think)
    It’s GREAT!


  10. It was erotic, which I like


  11. Another great video. Love that you added pissing.


  12. I can’t wait to watch it!

    I just can’t tell you how much your films resonate with me and how I feel about beauty and eroticism. You capture what I feel in my soul.


    1. Se ve maravilloso como se conjugan las imagenes y el sonido creando magia


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