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MACHOS EXTRAS by Antonio Da Silva

I am pleased to release 1 hour of unseen roughly edited footage from the film MACHOS .
MACHOS explores notions of masculinity and the homoerotic experience in traditional macho society in Mexico.

The original film MACHOS can be watched here

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A film by Antonio Da Silva

With: Antonio Salazar, Anonymous Collaborators, Dowerman, Enrique Gonzalez Rangel, El Jauregui, Cristofol, Galaxy Boy, Santiago Rico
Director Assistents: Enrique Gonzalez Rangel and Santiago Rico
Camera: Antonio Da Silva, Santiago Rico and  videos submitted from Collaborators
Editing and Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva
Year: 2017
Total Length: 60:00

The participants that had unprotected sex in this film were taking PrEP

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