DANCERS by Antonio Da Silva

Thirty-five Portuguese dancers undress in front of the camera. They become the object of desire with a sensual provocative performance. Eclectic dance disciplines help this film to explore an exhibitionist view of the male nude.

These artists are not afraid to challenge the general thinking about male nudity and they showcase the potential of creative Portuguese performance arts.

After all, the penis also can dance!

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A film by Antonio Da Silva

With: Angelo Neto, Antonio Onio, Bráulio Bandeira, Bruno Alexandre Uka, Celso Jumpe, Claudio Filipe Vieira, Daniel Pinheiro, Dário Pacheco, ‎Flávio Rodrigues, Filipe Baracho, Filipe Viegas, Gonçalo Beira, Ivo Serra, Luiz Antunes, Luis Guerra, Luka Mpasi, Martim Pedroso, Miguel Bonneville, Miguel Flor, Miguel Pereira, Nuno Gil, Nuno Labau, Nuno Silva, Paulo Guerreiro, Pedro Cunha, Pedro Nunez, Pedro Santiago Cal, Rafael Alvarez, Renato Pires, Sergio Diogo Matias, Tiago Fonseca, Tiago Marques, Victor Hugo Pontes and Vitor Viegas.

Camera, Editing, Sound Design and Music: Antonio Da Silva
Assistant Editor: Miguel Pho
Music: Requiem – Mozart
Support: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Queer Lisboa.
Thanks to: Berlin Porn Film Festival, IndieLisboa Film Festival, Pixel Bunker, Elga, Julio Dolbeth, Mark, Pedro Rocha and Tom Smith.
Year: 2014
Length: 10:17

Best Portuguese short film at the InShadow Dance Film Festival, Portugal.

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  1. Apparent hands free orgasms at the end. I don’t think this artwork should be classified as porn.


  2. One of the most erotic and beautiful productions ever made by anyone


  3. Lovely facinating Bodylanguage, super inspiration for sexual action ✌️


  4. Great movie. And music changing it’s rhythm from slow classical to fast dancing with a culmination as it should be.


  5. Love it watching the penis dance lots of art very well made


  6. Beautiful! Beautiful! A triumph to music, dance, sexuality, masculine beauty in motion. Thank you so much.


  7. J’ai aimé presque tout. Surtout la scène où ils enlèvent leurs caleçons… Tout allait bien jusque-là. Après, quand ils ont commencé à danser au rythme de la musique disco, ça a tout toué. D’après moi, voir leurs bites se balancer n’a eu aucun intérêt ni justification…
    Très beaux et professionnels les danseurs par ailleurs.


  8. es grandioso el enfoque que le brinda al desnudo y expresión masculina, trabajo sublime que nos permite experimentar una mirada cargada de belleza artística, gracias


  9. I like this video very much. Everyone is so perfect, quiet and focused. I saw this video a few years ago, but I can’t find it.
    Now I finally see it. Thank you


  10. Très surprenant , magnifiques danseurs, beau travail de synchronisation. La fin est inattendue et très courageuse en cette explosion de plaisir masculin.


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