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DANIEL by Antonio Da Silva

Daniel is a Brazilian amateur video maker, male model and erotic performer. He has dazzled many of you in previous films like BRAZIL CARNIVAL, BRAZIL SOLOS, CAR CRUISING and WC CRUISING. Watch him again horny at home performing sex through digital media.

“My work with nudity in videos or photography is something very natural for me, it is as if I was made for this. “ Daniel

A film by Antonio Da Silva

With: Daniel Sanches
Camera: Antonio Da Silva, Daniel Sanches and Anonymous
Text and voice over: Daniel Sanches
Editing and Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva
Year: 2020
Length: 07:10

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  1. love it
    always a big turn on to see males like daniel proud of their beautiful dicks


  2. hot hot hot… let me know if you ever need help with your movies… great ideas… great edit… and just beauty all around…


  3. We appreciate your unique point of view and your taste level. Thank you 🙏


  4. Since I am the biggest exhibitionist in the world I love anything with proud, nude, public sex. Beautiful, much praise.


  5. What a great idea! Love the idea of being out in public stroking!!


  6. Este filme esta muito bom, lembrou-me algum dos teus temas com solos. Abraços e boa continuaçao


  7. Very nice ! I liked him walking around somewhere someone might catch him naked and Hard


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What did you think about this film? Leave a comment.

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