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BE SEXUAL EXTRAS by Antonio Da Silva

I am pleased to release 1 hour of unseen roughly edited footage from the film BE SEXUAL. BE SEXUAL EXTRAS is a collection of 6 additional videos showing more men action in toilets. Wanking, blow jobs, close up ejaculations and not only.

The original film BE SEXUAL can be watched here



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  1. Guys, married or single, straight or gay will always want to suck cock or have their cocks sucked by guys.


  2. I first came across your work about two years ago and was struck by both the intensity and sensitivity with which you capture your subject matters and explore male sexuality.
    I suppose I am writing to say thank you for ‘humanising’ the way men express their sexual desires with themselves and each other. Not once did I feel a sense of judgement or confusion with what you were portraying. My introduction to your films began with ‘Be Sexual Extras’ and I was captivated by the stories of each respective narrator, feeling a deep sense of empathy and understanding as the film drew to an end.

    Being in that stage of my life where I am now embracing myself completely both as an artist (actor and writer) and a man who happens to be attracted to other men, I find empowerment in the way you authentically and unapologetically celebrate who we are. Thanks!


  3. i never thought of porn or me sitting watching it as something i could think of as art , but what ching ur filmes (while masterbaeting of course ) i love watch porn i love to preform for the camera and i think what ur doing is quite an amazing art .


  4. Great films, but can you please do more toilets and Bankers films love these films always makes me so horny, and I can watch them over and over again. Please do some more, suited guys, toilets !!Thanks Antonio.


  5. I love it I wish I had been there I never been with a white man always want to


  6. As you know I am already a big fan of this type of film, all I can say is well done and please let there be more of
    them ~Thanks very horny stuff!


  7. Very sincere stories. So different than every-day-hollywood-porn. It’s time for a real Oscar for you to tell the real story about men’s sexuality.


  8. Arousing activity going on here, coupled with interesting comments that meet many of my own thoughts about being attracted to both women and men, living in a LTR with a woman and having grown-up children. Once more a very good job, Antonio, you show a lot of comprehension for men in this slightly weird, sometimes maybe schizophrenic and often absurd situation. Yes, there are probably quite a bunch of males having this kind of large scaled feelings out there. Yes, most of us get more relaxed about them as time and experiences go by. And yes, it is rather tricky to share this universe with people lacking the large scale. We can even have told our wife right from the start that we’re also attracted to men – however the situation often remains dissatisfactory, at least for those among us, who don’t focus their existence above all on its sexual aspects, but have a lot of other interests and a fulfilled every day life. I sometimes wonder whether full transparency and/or more social awareness would make our situation easier, but I’ve still strong doubts about it. Mindblowing sex can indeed happen with complete strangers, many of us have experienced it, but this remains, alas, an exception rather than to become the rule. So should we tend towards a double line life with both a loving and beloved wife AND a buddy we wouldn’t just share ideas OR sex with? The clue might be the fact that nobody really wants to share meaningful beings. On a more philosophic level, we seem to be challenged to find our path in the gap between fiction and reality, maybe not even more challenged though than any other human being with his specific kind of difficulties, but perhaps more aware of how complex life itself is.


  9. I’m really not turned on by closeted guys. I prefer things open and honest. I guess for some guys the whole “double life ” thing is a big thrill. Feels tragic to me.


  10. É interessante observar como as pessoas criam uma lógica para sua sexualidade e não se veem como gays. Talvez não sejam mesmo. Parece que quem busca aquela expressão específica, naquele lugar, quer algo rápido, com limitações, mais controle sobre a situação. Um gay ‘de verdade’ vai querer algo mais. Por outro lado, é curioso como você conseguiu que os ‘personagens’ falassem de coisas tão íntimas se esse tipo de cara costuma se ‘esconder’. E eles se expõem fisicamente também


  11. OMG ……. Man ,, Horny ,,Horny,,,, and Horny the Best Film so far I’m Enjoy man Thx A lot I Wil rent Later ,,, time to go work ! Good Job Man ! Good Luck


  12. Jesus, man! So Fucking Hot! Guys in suits with their hard dicks sticking out of their pants!


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