DANCERS / full length

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NEW FILM: WATER MIRROR, Rowland has dazzled many of you in previous films like ECOSEXUAL, SOLOS and SPUNK. Watch him again perform a erotic audiovisual poem with many fluids💚


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Get ready to be turned on, both in body and mind. This collection of explicit shorts explores many facets of male beauty and sexuality.

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  1. Great, fantastic cimeatography, choreography and editiong. Full complements to all involved.


  2. Tout simplement sublime!!! de très beaux garçons aux corps splendides, la grâce des danseurs, la sensualité et l’érotisme de cette chorégraphie en forme de chœur, où chacun exécute la même partition dans son propre décor. la personnalité de chacun s’exprime pleinement à travers ce qui lui est particulier: son intimité…le final est grandiose, c’est l’apothéose, chacun dans son style expulse ce qu’il a de plus beau, et c’est comme un cadeau offert pour s’affirmer, comme un accomplissement.
    Bravo et merci à Antonio, à tous les danseurs et à tous ceux qui ont contribué à ce petit bijou!!


  3. Absolutely beautiful & erotic!! Stunning dancers, loved the editing & the music. Hot!


  4. That was beautiful, man. Bravo!


  5. I was just shared a link to your Dancers, which was stunning.

    I subscribed and then watched the free film, Limonakia, which was mesmerizing, spectacular, and utterly erotic.

    Thank you so much for highlighting the beauty and sensuality of the male body and of men who have sex with men.

    Big hug from San Francisco!


  6. I was about to make a stupid joke about a bunch of professional dancers winding up in a short film in which they get naked in their bathrooms and do the helicopter, but it turns out the point of the film is to highlight the lack of financial support for the arts, so I guess the joke is on me?


    1. Very dramatic yet erotic in performance!


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