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CRUISING IN THE PARK by Antonio Da Silva and Fabio Lopes

This film portrays the journey of a “straight” married man who has the habit of cruising in the park next to his work place during his lunch break.

He is a hunter however he is also hunted. Mostly he plays with other discrete married man, they enjoy looking at each others hard erections, mutual masturbation, sucking and fucking.

It is a ritual of brief encounters in the woods. After ejaculating, he walks away back to his unsatisfactory job.

The narration of this film is based in some of the viewers comments and feedback of the previous films DOGGERS, BANKERS and BE SEXUAL.

(Subtitles available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Click the CC button on the video player)

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A film by Antonio Da Silva and Fabio Lopes

With: Anonymous Participants, Bruno, Charles, David, Francesco, Giacomo, Mark, Michael, Nicholas, Raffaele Savignoni, Thomas, Turtledovexxx and Vincent Dupré
Editing: Antonio Da Silva
Camera: Antonio Da Silva, Fabio Lopes and Oliver Sarley
Text: Antonio Da Silva Films Viewers, Fábio Lopes and Rodrigo Vaiapraia
Voice Over: 
Rodrigo Penalosa
Music: Rodrigo Vaiapraia
Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva and Rodrigo Vaiapraia
Oliver Sarley
Year: 2018
Length: 15:40

The participants that had unprotected sex in this film were taking PrEP

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  1. Another fantastic video, bankers with cursing in the park is the perfect mix of content.

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to your next production.

    I am sure you hear this lots – i would like to be a part of your content or meet up if your ever in the UK.


  2. gosto do seu trabalho
    não só pela excitacao que provoca
    também pela ousadia, temas e olhar pra este universo


  3. I enjoy watching this video as it reminds me of my cruising days. It’s fun to see the interaction between the guys. Now cruising in the USA is almost a lost art since law enforcement tend to monitor all the cruising areas.


  4. I like this kind of cruising
    Make me crazy
    I love amateur


  5. It’s hot as fuck💦


  6. This is stunning and so true!


  7. This is so hot and you made me cum 3 times in one go.


  8. Thanks for yours movies!
    I really want to in your films one day. 😊
    Merci pour vos films!


  9. I absolutely love this one! I love the images, the narrative, the music, the tension that grows, but the narration stays somehow neutral. It is an amazing contrast. It made me really horny. The atmosphere is very good. Well done!! I am looking forward to see what is coming next!


  10. I definitely love it. As Always. Thank you !!


  11. new movie is great 😉
    😈😈😈 I love your work


  12. Ivan from Switzerland Tuesday March 6th, 2018 at 11:22 PM

    Congratulations Antonio and Fabio! I like a lot the way the film is edited, I like the voice of the narator as well as the text, which is deep and reflects a kind of « sad » reality among the gay/bi community and it it is filmed like it could be everywhere in the world. I also like the social aspect os Antonio s movies…


  13. It reminded me of a couple of places that are here in my city where those kinds of practices are done. the narrative is very good, understandable and coherent, it capture the essence of cruising in many discrete places during lunch break and how much sexuality is fluid…
    I love your work


  14. Fiquei bastante feliz ao confirmar que este trabalho se aproxima (e ultrapassa) alguns dos teus filmes de que mais gosto (Bankers, Doggers e Mates). Aqui, encontro a relevância etnográfica e social que tanto admiro no teu trabalho.

    Ficou interessante a lentidão do filme e a relação que cria (ver-ser visto) e o da procura-encontro com os corpos, o que confere a dimensão que te referia sobre o lugar, do habitat que se cria para o cruising e dos códigos-corporalidades que se adoptam para o engate.
    Acho que o som e ausência de música, resulta bem. Ouve-se o som deste espaço e do caminhar e a própria voz sóbria do narrador e o texto ajudam na condução deste contexto. Todos aqueles sons (pássaros, passos, aviões, etc) enriquecem bastante. A música final é extremamente bonita e faz todo o sentido de estar ali colocado (estou um pouco viciado na música e em loop).

    Considero este trabalho bastante real e que se coloca mais sobre um estudo de actividades e práticas sexuais. Neste não há espaço para uma erotização de corpos, como existe nos teus filmes de práticas semelhantes (Beach 19, a série do Brasil, entre outros). Aliás, a própria narrativa deste filme alimenta-se sobre o ato e aquelas pessoas e não pelo prazer de quem assiste o filme, mas que apesar de tudo também irá acontecer.

    Parabéns, A!


  15. I saw a lot of familiar bushes hehe


      1. Ham, Hampstead, and if i am not wrong the bit go the old man standing walking seems to be in a cruising ground in Berlin.


  16. I could basically say that the dialogue in this film is exactly what I feel. The sense of hunter and hunted. The mix of people the need to experience and play with another man ( but not be judged) to wonder if I will be the older man watching and hoping to be allowed to get involved. The connection to the point of cumming and then walking away back to normality. The meeting of similar faces and yet you don’t know who or their true background. The narrative is so on point for me. The part when it spoke of being turned down and doing the same was so true.
    In short I loved it.


  17. Gostei imenso do final, a limpeza e o voltar à realidade acompanhado da maravilhosa música “lunch break in the woods” <3, gostei mesmo!
    é um dos pontos mais altos do filme porque traz um lado sensual e erótico com uma leve comédia.


  18. Every time I see i film from you, it seems like you know me so well. Or maybe we have a lot in common, also. Or maybe you’re very good at pointing towards what makes us who we are, but without putting a judgement, or a clear name on it.
    You manage to show what some people would call obsession, or compulsion, but without negative judgement. You manage to preserve the mystery around what makes us dependent on sex. Not only on sex, but on relating to other people through sex.
    This is once again a great film. Different from the previous ones. I like the tone of it : the way the narrator trusts his audience. The way it’s completely honest.
    And honesty is hot. Of course, I took a lunch break to masturbate to the film.
    I wish you could have seen this 😉
    Hugs, and congrats!


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