How do I rent a film and how do I watch the full-length film?

  • You need a unique USERNAME and PASSWORD for each film
  • Each film has two buttons under the trailer


  • Click on the button (Rent the full-length film for …$ Create username and password here)
    • go to the secure provider EPOCH
    • Make sure you provide a valid email so you can receive a confirmation email with your credentials and the link to the film.


  • You will have to create a USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  • Complete the transaction
  • If you have problems during the transaction please contact antonidasilvafilms@gmail.com or contact the payment provider epoch.com directly. These guys are super efficient and friendly! Just tell them the website you are trying to do a purchase from and they will help you.
  • Close the Epoch page
  • Come back to the film page and use the  second button to the right
    (Login here to watch ……..)
  • Use the film specific USERNAME and PASSWORD you have just created.

You are in!

If you still have login issues please send me an email (antoniodasilvafilms@gmail.com) and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


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  1. Want your films

  2. Very sensual models!

  3. Love your Cruising at the Beach films, always make me shoot a huge load. Very hot!

  4. I think the film is beautiful.

  5. Very exiting

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