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GINGERS by Antonio Da Silva

Redheads. Fire crotches… This film collects samples of their testimonials and their body hair, skin and sperm. It is about being different genetically, about gay gingers, doubly in a minority, from Ireland to Israel to Brazil. A film made especially for ginger lovers.

(Subtitles available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Click on “CC” button on the video)

A film by Antonio Da Silva

With: Andreas (Germany), Adam (England), Anthony (Ireland), Anton (Sweden), Andrew (England), Damien (Scotland), Don (Ireland), Mark (England), Matthias (Germany), Mateus (Brazil), Padraig (Ireland), Rui (Portugal), Sam (England), Sergio (Italy), Simon (Ireland), Sander (Netherlands), Simon (England), Simon (Ireland), Stephan (Germany), Tadeusz (Poland / Israel), Otavio (Brazil), Thomas (England), Xavier (France), (Netherlands), Zero (Brazil)

Camera, Editing and Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva
Assistant Editor: Tomás Baltazar
Singer: Adam
Year: 2013
Length: 14:00

Best short film, Berlin Porn Film Festival, Germany.
Best Portuguese short film, IndieLisboa Film Festival, Portugal.
Best International short film, Xposed Queer Film Festival, Germany.
Audience award / best short film, Oslo LGBT Film Festival, Norway.
Audience award / best male short film, Amsterdam Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Netherlands.
Nominated for the Iris Prize, UK

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  1. On 2014-07-07 Daniel said

    I love how you began the film with close ups of their beautiful pale skin. Thank you Antonio for presenting ginger lovers with these gorgeous men who have those traits we can’t get enough of! Your artistic vision reflects everything I love about red headed men. I think the colors, detailed sounds, and their big cocks are a quality feature in your film and a nice touch to the interviews going on throughout.


  2. On 2014-06-18 Roberto said

    Antonio, you are an artist. You have found a language to describe the male body and sexuality which is modern and deeply rooted in the ancient concept of “beauty”. Bravissimo Antonio, all the best!


  3. On 2014-06-13 Rafikis said

    I love what you do! I m so tired of the regular hard disgusting porn, what you do is great, interesting, beautiful and turns me on like fire. Keep doing it please! I guess you are portuguese, so beijinhos!


  4. On 2014-03-20 Mistopher Kit Aviance said

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve found myself drawn to gingers and have been lucky enough to date a few. In addition to my sometimes overzealous enthusiasm for these rare beauties, I have not been shy about defending them intensely from the ill repute of many. So imagine my delight at finding out about the existence of this film! It’s a great piece of work that I’ll be sure to recommend to others. Thanks for making a beautiful piece of work out of the already ravishing red heads.


  5. On 2014-03-22 John said

    I give the film a 10 out of 10. It’s insightful and the men are very, very beautiful, handsome, and HOT. Being a black man (American), I can understand about other people considering you “different” although, I never knew red-haired men were subjected to the same name-calling and discrimination. A very well-made educational / erotic film. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next work of art.


  6. On 2014-03-17 RenezinhoADF said

    Es un grandioso trabajo, me gustan los pelirojos, son algo mágicos y sensuales. Es un gran trabajo y sobre todo, un buen video, lástima que no esta con subtítulos en español. Felicidades al Sr. Antonio Da Silva. Debería ponerle subtítulos en varios idiomas.


  7. On 2014-02-20 Dan said

    That was a great vid especially when they all started to jackoff :)


  8. On 2014-02-03 09:02:31.517100 Robbie said:
    “I am a read headed female with a redheaded husband that is out of town. Thank you for this artist and authentic way for me to think of him; miss him. Gingers rock!”


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