DOGGERS By Antonio Da Silva

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DOGGERS by Antonio Da Silva and Miguel De Arroja

At a public car park cars can be seen parked or slowly moving around with drivers ready to sexually engage with others.

This is a refuge for men with diversity of age, physical attributes, marital and social status. These men take a break from their daily lives and put into practice some of their innermost desires and fantasies.

This place is no longer available for cruising but during its glory days it used to be one of the busiest cruising areas located at the Jamor National Stadium near Lisbon, Portugal. The park was never empty and activities continued from morning to evening hours.

Watch DOGGERS EXTRAS for 2 hours of additional footage

What is “Dogging”?
Dogging (coming form British slang) is when people meet up in car parks and watch each other having sex. A similar behavior seen in dogs. Sometimes people join in but it is mainly about watching and getting off on it.

This documentary short film was made in collaboration with Miguel De Arroja who had been capturing action on camera since 2001.

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A film by Antonio Da Silva and Miguel De Arroja

With: Portuguese Doggers
Camera: Antonio Da Silva and Miguel De Arroja
Editing and Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva
Spanish subtitles: Juan Diego
Year: 2015
Length: 16:30

DOGGERS will premiere at Queer Lisboa LGBT Film Festival.

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  1. Ola sou um rapaz de 27 anos e á muito que gostava de experimentar tocar e mamar um pau de outro homem. Sou mto timido e discreto adorava experimentar com alguem experiente e maduro. Deixo aqui o meu mail:


  2. boas antonio

    antes de mais parabéns pelo que fizeste, queria perguntar se vai haver continuação, talvez pelo pais fora ? talvez porto xD

    vá obrigado mais uma vez


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