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Este é todo o trabalho de Antonio produzido entre 2011 e 2016. Por 50$ poderá ter acesso a:

  • Todos os 20 filmes produzidos entre 2011 e 2016
  • BE SEXUAL EXTRAS, inclui 1 hora de filmagens extras do filme BE SEXUAL
  • PENIS POETRY EXTRAS, inclui 40 min de filmagens extras do filme PENIS POETRY
  • MATES EXTRAS, inclui 19 min de filmagens extras do filme MATES
  • SPUNK EXTRAS, inclui 20 min de filmagens extras do filme SPUNK
  • BRAZIL SOLOS EXTRAS, inclui 60 min de filmagens extras do filme BRAZIL SOLOS
  • DOGGERS EXTRAS, inclui 2 horas de filmagens extras do filme DOGGERS
  • BANKERS EXTRAS, filmagens adicionais do filme BANKERS
  • SOLOS EXTRAS, inclui 50 min de filmagens extras do filme SOLOS
  • BEACH 19 EXTRAS, inclui 15 min de filmagens extras do filme BEACH 19
  • CARIOCAS EXTRAS, inclui 6 min de filmagens extras do filme CARIOCAS
  • GINGERS EXTRAS, inclui 40 min de filmagens extras do filme GINGERS
  • DANCERS EXTRAS, inclui 20 min de filmagens extras do filme DANCERS
  • Filmagens adicionais do filme SPUNK que estarão disponíveis antes de Dezembro de 2018. Uma notificação sera enviada via email para os subscritores.

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  1. Congratulations Antonio! I really do like your work. I think it’s erotic but not porn. Something I can enjoy multiple times during masturbation. I’ll will go ahead and rent your new film, looks like I will enjoy it very much.


  2. The art and creativity you put into your work adds a new dimension to watching gay porn!


  3. WOW! Amazing! Your movies are excellent and without competition. It’s show the male sexuality as a very erotic art and shows the beauty of the penises. Sometimes raw, sometimes soft but allways with feeling and sensual.
    I hope we will see more soon


  4. I found our site by case. I love that movies, this aesthetics. Big respect for your work!


  5. I like your sense for authenticity. Great work!

    It’s the first time I paid for porn in my life. And the reason for that is that I believe it’s Art. Not porn.

    Best wishes from an Austrian currently spending 2month in Costa Rica.


  6. I AM YOUR NEWEST FAN IN AMERICA ! WOW !!! I will be getting the whole package. AMAZING
    You are a truly GIFTED ARTIST !!!!!!


  7. A great selection of films you have produced which makes me hard every time with the resulting wanks electrifying ..Keep up the impressive works as you keep our cocks up


  8. The creative way in which you think, your interpretation of sexuality, are in total harmony with mine…I am in a state of admiration…


  9. Thank you Antonio for this incredible work! I’ve been following you for years, and finally i had the chance to purchase the access to all your films, what you do is absolutely beautiful!


  10. I am a huge fan of your films and recently purchased the complete collection.

    The quality of the videos is outstanding and the subject of each production is thought out emensly.

    One of my personal favourites is Bankers and the extra footage of the guys discussing their stories.

    If you are ever in Birmingham, UK anytime please do let me know.

    Keep up the great work – you have amazing talent.


  11. Greetings & Happy New Year Antonio! Your work is beautiful. It captures raw male sexuality as an artistic expression. It is erotic and sensual with a display of male sexuality that highlights penis beauty and orgasm. Your projects capture unique subjects that connect and arouse us. Here are two areas that I believe make great subjects for short films under your creative control: the experience and art of edging, and the passion of frot with mutual masturbation. These may have already been brought to your attention. If so, I hope that I can add support to the ideas. Additionally, your work has peeked my curiosity for participation in a possible future project. I will send you an email with some pictures of me. Best wishes in 2018!


What did you think about this film? Leave a comment.

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