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CARIOCAS by Antonio Da Silva

This is a 10 min film including 6 min of extra footage.

This is a voyeuristic hunt during my trip to Rio de Janeiro with lots of sea, sun, sweat and sexual encounters. Brazilian men care about their physique and they freely allow admiration of their sculpted bodies. The sensuality of those men creates blurry sexual identities.

An outdoors gym in the Arpoador area unveiled to me the vibrancy of the country and the diversity of men. Just behind the gym there is a gay cruising park. The gym crowd training during the day is very different from the one training at night. The film is a portrait of this shift while adding more Brazilian testosterone to this Summer’s football excitement in the country!

(Subtitles available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Click on “CC” button on the video)

A film by Antonio Da Silva

With: Arpoador Gym Goers, Zao, the Hustler, the Hustler Rodrigo, the Cruisers and Mates from encounters

Camera, Editing, Sound Design and Music: Antonio Da Silva
Assistant Editors: Miguel Pho and Rui Oliveira
Motion Graphics: Miguel Conceição and Elena Fernandez
Narration: Rodrigo Penalosa
Thanks to: MixBrasil Cultural Diversity Film Festival
Year: 2014
Length: 10:00

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  1. Hi bro ! Thx a lot ! I enjoy the new film and love ! I love to watching ! Thank you for making such amasing film ! A special Bangkers and Doggers , amasing job bro , you are smart bro !


  2. Simplesmente incrível o jeito que você filma e edita seus videos!!!!
    Estou louco apenas por assistir aos trailers. Com certeza quero a versão completa!
    Se no seu site tem “Cariocas”, deveria fazer um “Paulistas” hein?!?!
    Adoraria conhecê-lo!!!

    Parabéns pelo trabalho!!!


  3. Antônio, will you marry me?


  4. I love your storylines. Question, what cell phone App. did you use to find all those beautiful men.
    Male model scout, looking for new faces.

    Thank you,


  5. I love your videos! I am very glad I came across your work online.
    Your work is very artistic, friendly to audience, and most importantly, very sensual still. And it’s executed so well and tastefully!
    By the way, I am curious if you have ever thought about a video about asians. I find that they are overlooked in the sexy field. In Asia I have so many really hot friends, with great body, face, and charm. It would be really fascinating to see how you bring asian men into your video work.
    Anyway, fantastic jobs. I plan to rent more of your videos.


    1. thank you wei, I really appreciate your positive comments about the films and suggestion. I am sure that in case i go to asia i will take the opportunity work on that. keep in touch!


  6. On 2014-07-17 Andre said

    Thanks for objectifying Brazilian man in your new work. We really needed it.


    1. It is a great pleasure to objectify Brazilian man 🙂


  7. On 2014-07-08 Jads said

    Today his work partially met. and would like to know better.
    wandeful!I am passionate about art and pornoerotica I would say this to you


  8. On 2014-07-08 Jads

    Today his work partially met. and would like to know better.
    wandeful!I am passionate about art and pornoerotica I would say this to you


  9. On 2014-07-08 Roberto do Brasil

    Puta merda hein… QUE MONTE DE HOMEM GOSTOSO!
    Apesar de alguns casos bizarros, nosso país tem mto homem bonito, e que exala masculinidade. Sempre pensei o porquê do Da Silva nunca ter vindo pro Brasil (ele é português, e tem filmes com franceses e ingleses)…mas, por motivos de homofobia e tudo o mais, pensei que ele não viria.
    Em suma: delícias. Aqueles peludinhos e os dois se pegando <3
    sei lá, pode ser noia minha, mas acho que, no fundo no fundo, brasileiros e brasileiras são mto curiosos com a homossexualidade e tem muita vontade de experimentar. o probblema é essa "moralidade" e falsas religiões que nos barram uma das maiores qualidades de ser humano: a intimidade e o prazer em compartilha-la com quem queremos. >


  10. On 2014-07-08 Balthasar said

    Amazing! The storytelling part suits you well 😉 Man, I do have a thing for your work (beyond getting stone hard when I watch it – which would already be a compliment). You make sex and cruising interesting. And you chose vulnerable, deeply loveable men. Man, thank you for this 😉 hugs, b


  11. On 2014-07-10 Eugene Y said

    Hi Antonio
    Just stumbled upon your website and am completely mesmerised by your work. You really captured such a raw, real sexuality in your filming – intensely sensitive and personal to watch.


  12. On 2014-07-05 manuel said

    damn. spectacular work. thank you for it. portuguese american playwright here with a few notches under my belt. I have a new play coming up that attempts the word version of what you do with film.. i’m glad you are in the world and i hope our paths cross sometime. xo manuel


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