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WC CRUISING de Antonio Da Silva

Cámara: Antonio Da Silva, Andre Medeiros Martins, Daniel Sanches y Oliver Sarley
MontajeDiseño de Sonido: Antonio Da Silva
Año: 2019
Duración: 15:00

Los participantes que tuvieron relaciones sexuales sin protección en esta película estaban tomando PrEP

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  1. WC Cruising film is explosive (or maybe that was just the effect it had on me, lol). You’ve proven once again that you are the master of the genre.
    I am a 66 year old gay man — one of the unique generation that was caught between two eras. Unlike many of my married-to-women friends of the last few decades, I was able to emerge and begin a new chapter as an openly gay man, and at the same time keep most of my former relationships in tact. Your films have a particular appeal — they combine anonymity with arousal; imagination with reality; anticipation with satisfaction and eroticism with the potentials of our daily lives. Most incredible of all you do it with true artistry and the craft of a gifted story teller. Even your nod to Magritte is a touch of respect and acknowledgment. I’m a fan!


  2. Real, i do it sometimes and it’s very exciting


  3. Delícia! Eu gostava muito de frequentar os banheiros dos Shopping Centers em Belo Horizonte no Brasil.
    Certa vez fui ao Vaticano e no WC público na Praça de São Marco percebi que estava rolando uma «cena banheirão».


  4. So good to see real cum enjoyed again!


What did you think about this film? Leave a comment.

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