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WC CRUISING EXTRAS by Antonio Da Silva

Me complace lanzar 50 minutos de material EXTRA de la película WC CRUISING, una película sobre hombres buscando otros hombres en WCs.

Aquí puedes ver el film original WC CRUISING.

CámaraAntonio Da Silva, Andre Medeiros Martins, Daniel Sanches y Oliver Sarley
Montaje y Diseño de Sonido: Antonio Da Silva
Año: 2019
Duración: 50:00

Los participantes que tuvieron relaciones sexuales sin protección en esta película estaban tomando PrEP

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  1. This reminds me of one metro station in my city that has a nice toilet, where you can always encounter guys pretending to pee, ready for some action. Some of them are even hot and I have collected a few nice memories there 😀 Once there were briefly 5 of us engaged in action, but it ended fast when someone approached, who I think all of us were afraid could call security or something.


  2. Die Filme sind einfach spitze und sehr anregend für meinen Sextrieb. Weiter sone geilen Filmde.


  3. Ho pagato ma inutilmente mi hanno preso i soldi mi dispiace non pensavo si trattasse di truffa grazie Antonio


  4. I just wanna say your movies are so freaking hot, especially the movies about cruising. It will be great if you can have a special package for all the cruising movies (park, beach, car, wc).


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