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PIX by Antonio Da Silva

We live in times where Internet and social media rule our lives. Gays have embraced online dating and beyond a casual hook up, for some our online profiles and exposed body feed our narcissistic and exhibitionistic side, while for others is an endless voyeuristic hunt. PIX is a series of flickering images (faceless-selfies) of 2500 gay men building a three minutes animation portraying what is happening in the “marketplace of desire”. Thousands of male bodies in typical male poses are put together creating the mosaic of one body.

A mirror, an exposed torso and the promise for NSA fun have become the synonym to today’s gay behavior with dating. But is that the rule or just a temporary -even necessary- phase into a gay man’s life? Does this gay on-line behavior help for better communication or does it isolate homosexuals from the “normality” gay men try to achieve all these years? Is the need to connect emotionally been taken over by the need to push on the “load more guys” button?

No three-minutes animation can answer these questions for you. Only you can, starting the next time you pose in front of the mirror.

A film by Antonio Da Silva

With: Encounters, Friends, Grindr and Tumblr

Editing: Antonio Da Silva, Rui Oliveira, Cristiano Guerreiro and Miguel Pho
Music and Sound Design: KS and Antonio Da Silva
Year: 2014
Length: 03:20

Awards: Special Mention for Best Xplicit Short Film at Xposed Film Festival, Germany.

All my films have been self-funded, your donation will help me to continue producing films that aim to be artistic as well as sexually explicit. People who donate will be contacted to watch unreleased footage once it is ready. I am grateful for your contribution.

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