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PENIS POETRY by Antonio Da Silva and Andre Medeiros Martins

This is a 14 min film including 40 min of extra footage.

This is a poetic film about The Penis becoming a diary with a unique story to tell. PENIS POETRY is made in collaboration with Andre Medeiros Martins who wrote on his lovers’ penises his personal thoughts. 
Andre’s words reflect how much our modern society glorifies the exhibition of The Penis, how much we worship it and how much social media and apps allowed us to share our most private parts with the world. The Penis is no longer a taboo, it is art, it is a cult.

Big, small, thick or thin The Penis is controlled by the brain but many times it takes control of the brain. The Penis displays an intelligence of it’s own and it writes its own story.

All penises have a story to tell.
If yours could speak what would it say?
Please submit your penis words to:

(Subtitles available in English and Portuguese. Click the CC button on the video player)

A film by Antonio Da Silva and Andre Medeiros Martins

With: Valentin Braun and Anonymous Penises
Camera: Antonio Da Silva and Andre Medeiros Martins
Editing and Sound Design: Antonio Da Silva
Text: Antonio Da Silva and Andre Medeiros Martins
Narration: Rodrigo Penalosa
Music: E.A.P. Music Productions and Ebe Oke
Thanks to:  Sergio Roxo, Björn Kessler, Christophe Machado, Jamison Karon, Nicholas, Marcus, Matan and Michel
PENIS POETRY film is one of the segments of the project
Year: 2016
Length: 14:00

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  1. Very liberating. I hope it goes mainstream. When such films can be seen on prime time mainstream TV, then men are safe. Until then, beware militant religion and females.


  2. That was a stunning film! So touching and sensual. Wow!
    I love it!
    Are there any ends to your amazing talent?


  3. Thank you Antonio and Andre for this sexy poetic film. I just found your works and I really believe you’re a great artist! I just wanted you to know it. Keep up the good work!


  4. Lovet i du pant pineses wat abauth pines muzeum🌞😝🏹🍀🙏


  5. OMG – Just watched Extras 2…. It’s amazing… nice to see cameraman involvement too 😛 Super hot


  6. Seu trabalho e fantástico. Une a beleza masculina de forma sensual, sexual e não é vulgar. Estou apaixonado. Parabéns


  7. This is honestly really inspiring. Sure I’m 24 and not yet comfortable with my sexuality fully – or maybe this is fully. I may not be able to spend the money on this film. But i support it fully just from the trailer.

    Very beautiful!


  8. I really enjoyed this film and the extras – very hot and also has a special atmosphere, making me reflect on some thoughts and memories. Thank you


  9. LOVE the new film mister! You’re having a Peter Greenaway moment perhaps..? With the Rite of Spring thrown in. Beautiful music btw.
    then the first Extras film is INSANELY hot!!!
    there’s something very sexy about calling it a ‘penis’ rather than cock or dick etc. It’s like saying ‘masturbation’ instead of ‘jerking off’ turns me on. Or is that just me being semantically weird? 😛
    but congratulations. Your work gets stronger every time


  10. Assisti e gostei. Digo do filminho o mesmo que disse de “Eu escolhi você”, de Clarice Falcão: vamos descaretizar o corpo e erradicar a misofalia.


  11. I admire your artistry in making films that capture our gay and very masculine spirit.


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