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NUDE DUDES by Antonio Da Silva

NUDE DUDES is about my experience during my visit in Tel Aviv. I was hosted by Matan and Menache, two young guys who practice nudism in their own house. While being flatmates they openly expose their sexual interests to each other and their guests. Managing their online dating profiles is a part of their daily routine. I was intrigued by their non-tabooed dynamic. They brought me to a nudists beach where to my delight I witnessed a similar openness from the crowd.

Away from the open Mediterranean waters, an unforgettable experience was swimming in the Dead Sea with two guys I had met at the festival I was attending at the time. Connection, freedom, sex, elevated senses and feelings, ejaculating life in those dead waters. Its unique composition transported all three of us to another stimulating dimension.

After all, no matter what the conflicts are in the area I felt connected and open for a better well being like the locals do…

(Subtitles available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Click the CC button on the video player)

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A film by Antonio Da Silva

With: Matan, Menash, Moises, the dog Pushkin and the Nudists in the Beach

Camera, Editing, Sound Design and Music: Antonio Da Silva
Assistant Editor: Miguel Pho
Motion Graphics: Miguel Conceição and Elena Fernandez
Narration: Rodrigo Penalosa
Poem “Dead Sea”: Antonio Da Silva and Tom Smith
Thanks to: Tel Aviv LGBT Film Festival
Year: 2014
Length: 09:33

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  1. its great short move


  2. Nude Dudes did a wonderful job….showed both sides of their nude bods….especially liked when one of you smeared yourself with mud and massaging and rubbing your cockk and balls with the mud…wish you would have got a hard on cum…when I was at the dead sea was not at a nude beach so I had too mudden my balls and cock with my hand after my roomy shorts….would like you to respond and let me know how you felt with the mud on your junk…


  3. […] désir et de la sexualité masculine. Si Limankia ou Beach 19 – et dans une moindre mesure Nude Dudes – sont assez dispensables, l’essentiel des dix films de Da Silva se regarde avec […]


  4. Jaudina šitie vaizdai, jaučiuosi droviai
    thrill of these imagesI feel shyly


  5. On 2014-07-29 woodrow said

    Just wanted to congratulate you on your 2 newest features!! Great work. You have a talent to embrace the male body and it’s functionalities in deferent dimensions. When you first see your films it’s not sex that we see but male self exploration. Keep it up and congrats again. P.s I’m really looking forward to coming back home to Portugal in August and doing a exploration if all the best beaches, starting in Vila Moura and finishing in Porto!!


    1. Thank you Mark! Enjoy your summer in Portugal!!


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