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DANCERS by Antonio Da Silva

This is a 10 min film including 20 min of extra footage.

Thirty-five Portuguese dancers undress in front of the camera. They become the object of desire with a sensual provocative performance. Eclectic dance disciplines help this film to explore an exhibitionist view of the male nude.

This is a statement about the current financial situation in Portugal and the lack of fundings to support artistic initiatives. All contributions from this film will be given to the participants of DANCERS film, to encourage and inspire them, for them to give you one more private dance! These artists are not afraid to challenge the general thinking about male nudity and they showcase the potential of creative Portuguese performance arts.

After all, the penis also can dance!

A film by Antonio Da Silva

With: Angelo Neto, Antonio Onio, Bráulio Bandeira, Bruno Alexandre Uka, Celso Jumpe, Claudio Filipe Vieira, Daniel Pinheiro, Dário Pacheco, ‎Flávio Rodrigues, Filipe Baracho, Filipe Viegas, Gonçalo Beira, Ivo Serra, Luiz Antunes, Luis Guerra, Luka Mpasi, Martim Pedroso, Miguel Bonneville, Miguel Flor, Miguel Pereira, Nuno Gil, Nuno Labau, Nuno Silva, Paulo Guerreiro, Pedro Cunha, Pedro Nunez, Pedro Santiago Cal, Rafael Alvarez, Renato Pires, Sergio Diogo Matias, Tiago Fonseca, Tiago Marques, Victor Hugo Pontes and Vitor Viegas.

Camera, Editing, Sound Design and Music: Antonio Da Silva
Assistant Editor: Miguel Pho
Music: Requiem – Mozart
Support: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Queer Lisboa.
Thanks to: Berlin Porn Film Festival, IndieLisboa Film Festival, Pixel Bunker, Elga, Julio Dolbeth, Mark, Pedro Rocha and Tom Smith.
Year: 2014
Length: 10:17

Best Portuguese short film at the InShadow Dance Film Festival, Portugal.

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  1. Love your work. It is so great to see a male director producing work for men who like men in such an honest way and sexy way. The beauty of your subjects always comes through, whatever their shape or age. Love the clear, sharp images of their cocks and balls, soft and semi, erect and ejaculating, their arses, thighs, legs, chest hair and back muscles. To see men exposed in this way is such a voyeuristic turn on and very intimate, as they’re just normal guys like you or I.




  2. Olá, Antonio.

    Parabéns por disponibilizar alguns extras do filme DANCERS. Com certeza, o melhor e mais erótico de todos. Continue com excelentes produções e quando estiver no Brasil, me procure por e-mail, pois gostaria de participar de seus projetos. Abraços.


  3. Dancers is probably the most erotic film I have ever seen. Thanks for the Extras!


  4. Antonio Da Silva reminds me just how much I love a good piece of dick! I wish I could follow him around during his filming excursions and other research. I’m such a fan of his work.


  5. Parabéns António pelos excelentes filmes! Está na calha algum filme de extras do Dancers? Espero que sim. Abraço. TH


  6. I agree with Eric! If you put out a extra footage of this, I won’t be able to hand you my money fast enough to get to watch it ;). Incredibly sexy film!


    1. Thank you for your suggestion / i will work in the extras of this film for sure!


    1. Oi Wesley,Thank you very much for let me know about the illegal link with my film!! I really appreciate that!!


  7. Olá, Antonio.
    Concordo com o Erik! Poderia disponibilizar o material sem edição e mais longo do filme DANCERS. Adoraríamos saborear mais momentos com esses lindos modelos. Com certeza, também estou na fila à espera desse lançamento.
    Abraços dos fãs brasileiros.


  8. If you would provide extra footage from “Dancers” I would be first in line. Please continue making great work. Prefer non-sexual nudity and dancing before anything else.


  9. OMG!!!
    They are amazing!!!


  10. Man taip pat patiko filmas vyrų varpos šokiai, žiūrėjau išsišiepes
    I also liked the movie male penis dancing, I watched breaking into a grin


  11. this video really show me about how beautiful a man can move. im speechless, this is all about dance and in the end, Antonio really surprise me. this is really a work of art!


  12. nicely shoot, perfectly cut (yes, the pace ^_-), delightful fun soundtrack, simply wonderful! ^0^
    definitely me 2014 choice of christmas gift, any chance it’ll be on DVD? ^^


  13. On 2014-08-15 Graham said

    I’ve been talking a lot with different friends about Dancers and the one thing that EVERYONE is fascinated by is how you got real bona-fide (no pun intended) dancers to get hard and, in a couple of cases, cum. I think when it’s ‘real people’ like in Gingers or Daddies, people are less surprised as it’s relavtively easy to find exhibitionists but when it’s an artistic performer with a career in dance, they are amazed. I guess a lot of dancers are comfortable with nudity but the erections etc are a big step further. It REALLY intrigues people and definitely seems to be the usp of that film. And I’m not the only ADHD guy who gets obsessed with who is who from beginning to end. You’ve invented the Whodunnit of cum!! (I’m currently trying to identify Mr Hairy Helicopter penis in the bathroom just before the cum shots. His body is insane)


  14. On 2014-06-22 sati said

    Gosto muito do corpo, da nudeza, dos homems, do sexo, do porn… teus videios estao muito belos e interessantes, além de sensuais/eroticos! Na vida heterosexual duma mulher em México nao ha muita oportunidade de compartir interesses assim. Aquí quase todo o mundo pratica sexo sim, mas com culpa ou sentimento de fazer algo sujo e perverso (o qual desfrutam também, eu sei). Questoes como o erotismo, cultivar praticas esteticas e sensuais nao é procurado muito mais das mulheres se maquiar e vestir roupas curtas e sapatos largos… eu odeio que para os homems gostar de mim, minha sensualidade seja reduzida a vestir fantaseada. Ela é muito mas do que isso.

    Entao, I celebrate teu trabalho, tua creatividade e estética, os belos homens that you portay e suas historias, como as do filme “Daddies”, uff! os homems maduros sao irresistíveis! …and young ones and tall, and short, and light skin, and dark skin, and bearded, and short and long haired ones… ja!

    Além da minha sensibilidade sensorial, gosto muito do tema pelos estudos de sociología e dos géneros que faco atualmente. Ok, só quería te dizer que I enjoyed o que estas fazendo.

    Saludos desde la bella ciudad de Tijuana!


  15. On 2014-06-18 Roberto said

    Antonio, you are a prophet, you brought back to life the language of ancient Gods. This is not only a movie: it’s a sacred rite devoted to the Creation. Thank you


  16. On 2014-06-17 Andrew said

    Hi Antonio,
    I absolutely loved ‘Dancers’. You have crafted an amazing and novel arty niche for yourself. I’ll look forward to your future productions. ‘Strippers’, may be?


  17. On 2014-06-18 marc said

    wonderful ! the dancers seemed vulnerable yet invited us into thier private world!


  18. On 2014-06-16 Sebastian said

    Hi Antonio. Just got familiar with your work. Very very impressive shots. Loved it. Keep up the good work x


  19. On 2014-06-17 Fuad said

    I’m astounded by the extraordinary work you deliver with each video master-piece. My true respects to a true artist.
    Thanks for sharing so much lyrical visual stimulation with us.
    Have a good one!


  20. Enjoyed the clip will have to watch the movie.


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